Intag Experiments

Intag Experiments

By Juan Chamero, from Caece University at Buenos Aires, Argentine, April 25th 2009

Knowledge Creation First Experience

This is a Knowledge Creation first experience from “zero ground” in terms of information. To learn about its background please read:

  1. About the Experiment

  2. Knowledge Creation from Zero Ground - Information Theory Basics

  3. Semantic Pill Brief


Semantic Pills Directory

Comments as of April 30th 2009

Entries are presented at Blog style, the most recent first. Each entry is a "Semantic Pill". As you may easily guess experimenters experience evolves rather fast along time (we are talking of weeks): first entries are somehow erratic and “Categories” assignments look fuzzy.

Along time we expect to reorder them and "unveil" hidden Categories Trees and sub-Trees. Another "learning" outcome was to consider more than one source for each semantic pill whether existent and consistent trying to catch divergent opinions as much as possible (sources). 

 SP0016. Conspiracies Theories - Pandemics, Swine Flu

SP0015. Swine Flu - Pandemic Threat

SP0014. Invisible Citizens - Invisible People, Invisible Children

SP0013. IMF Report - What IMF says about crisis

SP0012. The Future of Work - A Corporate Vision

SP0011. Poverty Mapping - Maps of Poverty

SP0010. Semantic Windows - First Semantic Windows Trial

SP0009. Windows to "See the Crisis" - Windows to "see" People Bahavior as_it_is

SP0008. Recession - Spain GDP Will Decrease 3%

SP0007. Finance - China and Brazil Claim for a New Monetary System

SP0006. People - Homeless, Urban Poverty

SP0005. People - Attacks on the Homeless Rise

SP0004. Tech - Fijitsu's New Reader

SP0003. Climate - Climate Change

SP0002. Establishment - Russia rearms

SP0001. Establishment - The Commercial Republic