About the Experiment



Juan Chamero, Darwin Ontology Architect

 This is an experimental Knowledge Discovery and Creation experiment to explore forms of knowledge detection, unveiling and aggregation. Humans may be seen as “thinking machines” and knowledge as a “hierarchically ordered collection of meanings”. As a result of thinking humans are continuously issuing messages under the form of comments, essays, articles, scientific and technical papers, quotations, citations, books, e-books, manuals, and codes, generally dealing with specific subjects/themes/topics.

 And all these messages types could be materialized as Web pages. Semantically these pages once stripped from images and editing commands become “text corpuses”, at large chains of “words”. Among words we may distinguish two main types (to deepen in this analysis please go to see our “Darwin Ontology”): “Common Words and Expressions” and “Concepts”. Any human facing a Web page text corpus may subjectively identify concepts, the basic semantic constituents of knowledge. This is an exercise similar to circling or highlighting news with a pen marker.

 Our experiment is along the same way. We have selected a dominant main subject: The actual World Crisis that supposedly affects any human activity, our present and our future. We -as experimenters- compromise ourselves to make periodical entries briefly commenting “fresh” articles strongly related to this dominant subject in areas of our concern/interest. These entries will be considered “semantic pills” that have a name, an authoring, a theme or “prescription”, a date and media of issuing, a piece of text corpus as a brief description, a personal and brief comment and a set of associated tags (semantic ingredients or active principles). In fact a prescript pill to warn humans about something.

 Along time the aggregation of tag sets becomes a “Global Conceptual Cluster” of the dominant main subject, in summary all meanings closely related to the actual World Crisis. And we expect to obtain more than that, something like possible evolution paths of the crisis.

 This collective blog is open to all Darwin Team members, the group of people that designed and implement the above mentioned Darwin Ontology and to all people within similar profile: Artificial Intelligence, Web Semantic, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Ontology’s, Linguistic, Semiotic, Epistemology, and Math and Logic applied to Web Semantic. Participation is open for authoring, comments, editing, creation of discussion groups, etc. If you are interested please write to us here.

Tags: Knowledge Discover, Knowledge Creation, ontology, knowledge ontology, Information Retrieval, Darwin ontology, World Crisis, thinking machines, concepts, keywords