Intag Experiments

Intag Experiments


By Juan Chamero, from Caece University at Buenos Aires, Argentine, April 25th 2009


Subject: Homeless, urban poverty


Tents on wheels give homeless people roof and pride, Homeless Tents, a Living Series by CNN



Story Highlights

A Los Angeles-based charity has begun distributing makeshift tents; Charity was brainchild of "Revenge of the Nerds" movie producer Peter Samuelson; "This is $500 to get a man or a woman or a child off the damp concrete," he says; Homeless man: "Everybody calls it the hobo condo".



Comments: homeless as a concept has 35+Million references in Google, more than immigrants that hast 31.5 and of course both embedded in poverty with 68. At large both are “out of the system” expressions. Both also are the first eruptions of the Multitude phenomenon.



Source: Los Angeles Time, URBAN CAMPING:


Under the proposal drafted by the ACLU and Los Angeles police, homeless people would not be allowed to camp, sleep or lie on the sidewalks between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m



Homeless Tent City

Source: NYT, from Sacramento and Its Riverside Tent City, By Katharine Q. Seelye



Tags: urban camping, homeless, homeless attacks, Katharine Q Seelve, Tent city, Tent cities, ACLU, Sacramento Tent City, Revenge of the Nerds, Peter Samuelson, living series, hobo condo, urban poverty