Intag Experiments

Intag Experiments


By Juan Chamero, from Caece University at Buenos Aires, Argentine, April 25th 2009


Windows to “see” people behavior “as_it_is” in the Web

Towards an experimental people behavior prediction tune-up


Brain meanings

Source: Neurosciencemarketing, by Roger Dooley

Conjecture: Instead of asking questions –or complementary to- we may unveil thinking by interpreting spontaneous reactions.


Continuing with our Darwin project for hidden Web information and knowledge unveiling, we are going to explore now the semantic content asset of “people comments”. Sociologists and scholars of Political Sciences used to collect people comments, reactions and images closest as much as possible to rare and unexpected social events in time and space: for instance the first hours after a revolutionary coup, a massacre, a magnicide being where they occurred. Spontaneity is a treasure when studying behaviors but it decreases by virtue of speculation. However we may trust in the spontaneity of the first comments and reactions.

Note: In Systems Theory in Political Sciences this technique is used to know as much as possible about “black boxes” “outputs” to an ample spectrum of possible “inputs”. Most natural systems react pretty much around a universal pattern of “linearity” and within specific ranges outputs or “reactions” are approximately proportional to inputs “actions”. For example a human being may react “proportionally” to offenses, from feeling uncomfortable to attack personally to the offender. Reactions to extreme solicitations are a usual way of learning as much as possible, fast, and efficiently about an ignored system. In some extent rare and unexpected events are extreme solicitations of social system.

The financial crack of “derivatives” and the Madoff offense were examples of extreme offenses that affect all globally and it was extremely important the analysis about how people and institutions all over the world reacted to that extreme solicitation in the first two days. Another global extreme solicitation was the 9-11 attack and how the US people, government, special defense agencies, and institutions in general reacted, from the first minutes after till several days later.

For this experience we have arbitrarily chosen a media, The Wall Street Journal comments surged as supposedly spontaneous reactions to the American Civic Association in Binghampton the April 3rd 2009. These comments are like “windows” to the people’s opinions similar to a “virtual open poll”, Let’s remember that in Darwin Ontology we “see” the Web like a Two Domain System always striving for equilibrium: the K-side where we humans keep safe hosted in the Web space our “Established Knowledge” –under the form of Websites- and the K’-side where people interact as Internet users. In figures near 15,000,000,000 WebPages versus 800,000,000 daily!.