Intag Experiments

Intag Experiments


By Juan Chamero, from Caece University at Buenos Aires, Argentine, April 25th 2009


First “Semantic Windows” set trial

Binghampton massacre
Source: Mark Ovaska, The American Civic Association building remained cordon off on April 4rd.
The day before Jiverly Wong opened fire killing 13 people before killing himself.

For this experience – see SP0009- we have arbitrarily chosen a media, The Wall Street Journal comments surged as supposedly spontaneous reactions to the American Civic Association in Binghampton the April 3rd 2009. These comments are like “windows” to the people’s opinions similar to a “virtual open poll”, Let’s remember that in Darwin Ontology we “see” the Web like a Two Domain System always striving for equilibrium: the K-side where we humans keep safe hosted in the Web space our “Established Knowledge” –under the form of Websites- and the K’-side where people interact as Internet users. In figures near 15,000,000,000 WebPages versus 800,000,000 daily!.


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John Vincent

Agreed Christopher. Organizations like this provide an outstanding service. Legal immigrants that receive this type of education are very often more well versed in civics and government than the general population.


He is talking about the American Civic Association: the target of the massacre.


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Binghampton, if you ever been there is a serious racist city from the state and local police to the media to the people who cling to there guns in fear that some one might do better than them while they sit on there front porch cursing the immigrants and drinking bud and supporting there local unions blaming them for there lousy life.


It is an apparently neutral description of a “quiet and suspected racist town”. We cannot infer from it if for bad or for good.



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Once again we see the police (you know them - the guys with the guns) hunched down behind their cars while the gunman is inside the building shooting people! We saw this at Virginia Tech, Columbine and other places. How about they go in and shoot the guy who is shooting the people? Please explain this to me.
This past week, we had a guy in North Carolina stroll into a nursing home and start shooting people. Fortunately the officer who was first on the scene decided to violate departmental procedure and went in and SHOT THE GUY WHO WAS SHOOTING THE PEOPLE! Hello, when will law enforcement wake up. When guys go into a building and start shooting people. They aren't there to take hostages and then later "negotiate" with you. They are there to kill people - as many as they can. You have to adjust your procedure and "man-up" and go in and shoot the guy! This is ridiculous!


It is polemic “common sense” reasoning. Personally I share with Gary this sentiment but the police procedure has its justification. See below.


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Janice Benedict


Since when are violent outbursts un-American? Troubled times, nutcases are empowered. "5 million" idle in the USA? More to come. An armed impoverished class. What can happen?


This rather reductionist comment brings to our attention common places of people “within the system” complaining about “hordes” from outside.


24 minutes ago

Ivan Rudnitsky


Easy for you to say, but I'm pretty sure that the 40+ hostages inside the building would want to get out of the situation alive before SWAT starts tossing tear gas and shooting anything that moves. Remember the Beslan Hostage situation in Ossetia-Alania in 2004? The police went in guns blazing which ultimately ended up in a death toll of 334 hostages.
Finding a peaceful solution is ingrained in American culture before retorting to violence. Granted law enforcement should be more decisive and take action in certain instances but this can only ever be pointed out in retrospect.


Answering to Gary comment above.


38 minutes ago

Christopher Cherry


I have no idea, but it sounds like a worthwhile organization. The ability to speak English is required for citizenship, and it sounds like they were charged with helping people learn English to pass their exam. I welcome anyone who wants to come to this country legally, and am especially proud of those who chose to put in the effort to become naturalized. It's sad that people pursuing the dream of American Citizenship were targeted like this.


Answering to someone who explains what American Civic organizations do. At last a mature enough comment!.


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Daniel Evans


Totally agree James. Reminds me of one of my favorite Robert Heinlein quotes: "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. "


Voila!, an unusual mischievous armed society justification,


1 hour ago

clifton jones


So these were immigrants that were taking citizenship classes that were killed or wounded by perhaps another immigrant Asian in appearance. This looks kind of like the Virginia Tech situation. The Asian gunman there locked the doors so the students couldn't get out. Here the gunman blocked the back door with his car to cut off an avenue of escape; looks like the same pattern. They have confirmed that it was a lone gunman and he killed himself.Still fits the same pattern as the VT situation.


He is right. The MO, Modus Operandi, looked like the same.


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Jack, u wrote earlier "Immigrants do not have ready access to guns." This is idiotic; we live in America--EVERYONE has access to guns.


He is right, another fact.


2 hours ago

Jack Buhsmer


Well, it does matter in the big scheme of things. If one observes a certain trend emerge (for instance, higher rates of violence in the Asian community recently), this very specific trend should be addressed somehow, right? Unless, you are suggesting we look the other way, in the name of political correctness?


This is typical “redneck” reasoning. Any abnormality committed by a member of a questioned community is instantly extrapolated to all members.


3 hours ago

Jack Buhsmer


Immigrants do not have ready access to guns, mind you. Also, immigrants would never need to kill anyone - even if they are deported, they easily sneak back in - they are used to it and the stakes are never as high as life and death. Plus, consider that the shooting occured at the place that HELPED immigrants, not an Immigration or detention center. The chances are the shooter IS Lou Dobbs #1 fan!


A common sense comment


This is a typical reasoning of the “other side”- Even sympathizing with these types of comments we should take care of their truth. See something about Lou Dobbs below!.


3 hours ago

Jack Buhsmer


Let me take a wild guess here. A hyperventillating redneck decided to shoot up some "illegals", because they "took" his job and his "medicare"? Great job, Lou Dobbs and Bill O'Reilly - you know how to bring up the best in people!


It is another comment of the other side. He shows irritation because suspected redneck bahvior not because the massacre.


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And thus started the anti-immigrant sentiment across America. Around 2013, all immigrants were given color codes depending upon when the hit the shores: Illegals: Black color <2 Years: Red color <5 Years: Yellow color <10 Years: Blue color <50 Years: Purple color <500 Years: White color
Native Americans - having not been recognized as a part of the coloring scheme - revolted seeking Maroon as their preferred color.


A B has sense of humor but unfortunately many people may imagine similar ways of tagging the “bad people”.

Complementary we took a glance to another source: ABC News with 433 comments.

prowriter7 11:16 PM

I believe these killers may really want to kill themselves, but the survival instinct causes them to hesitate. The subconscious still says "you want to live". Only by doing something completely heinous, something that cause a complete rebellion of a hypothetical moral center, can that instinct be finally switched off and the gun turned round. Complete conjecture, of course, but wouldn't this make an interesting supportive argument for a separate consciousness, a "soul", which is essentially good, that resides in the mind and acts as our moral compass?


Acceptable reasoning but what about why?. Being credible how many people really want to kill themselves?.

matchew39 11:13 PM


The only logical option now is vigilance. I'm constantly considered paranoid, and that is surely true. It's not a state of fear but awareness. Pay attention, don't 'do nothing', look for obvious signs and watch people around you. My point is that this is obviously going to continue folks. I hate that fact but this is FIVE in one months time! The only question is where it will happen next. We have an epidemic and it's high time we accept that fact. Whou!, would it be this feeling frequent?

Georgiafire1 11:03

Lately with unemployment and nuts out there don't know. I pray everyday I go to work that a disgruntled employee or person doesn't go off their rocker. I have been in the corporate world for years and have always lent an ear to people and tired to show compassion. I think remembering that hopefully I won't pay the price when and if they do go crazy. It is bad. Our company laid off 8000 recently

matchew39 11:13 PM

The only logical option now is vigilance. I'm constantly considered paranoid, and that is surely true. It's not a state of fear but awareness. Pay attention, don't 'do nothing', look for obvious signs and watch people around you. My point is that this is obviously going to continue folks. I hate that fact but this is FIVE in one months time! The only question is where it will happen next. We have an epidemic and it's high time we accept that fact.