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Intag Experiments


By Juan Chamero, from Caece University at Buenos Aires, Argentine, April 25th 2009



The Future of Work - A Corporate Vision




Source: Business Week, August 20th 2007

Subject: The future of work, labor utopias, labor trends

Info source 1: BW, Business Week Series about “The Future of Work” – 2007, 2008, 2009,…-, a sample of selected articles about labor trends all over the world: a corporate vision.

The Future of Work - The problem and the promise on the road ahead

BusinessWeek.com's editor-in-chief, John Byrne, talks with chief economist Michael Mandel about how we will master technology, manage companies, and build careers in the world of tomorrow

And as an example of this “vision”:

What Good are Economists Anyway? - Is their help still crucial to a recovery?

Economists mostly failed to predict the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. Now, they can't agree how to solve it. People are starting to wonder whether they can really help


Info source 2: The Future of Work as per TheFutureOfWork,net: A “Big Ones” corporative vision about the “future of the workforce”

We help organizations reduce their cost of operations and workforce support by 40% or more while creating work environments that attract and retain the best and brightest talent - by providing strategic guidance, change readiness assessments, executive learning, and program management.

WDC has three primary capabilities, all focused on creating productive work environments and enhancing organizational effectiveness:

1. Developing Knowledge

2. Improving bottom-line performance

3. Building new workplaces

WDC, stands for Work Design Collaborative intiative


Comment: These articles resemble arguments used by Big Corporations when justifying their sustained development policies violations. From Plato to Marx we human need to work (see our next entries about Utopias).

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Tags: the future of work, new work places, workforce, corporate workforce, labor utopias, labor trends.