15. Darwin Ontology, The Web as_it_is

ByJuan Chamero

 In this figure we depict the continuous equilibrium between the Web as_it_is and Internet users. We choose the “Multitude” model for users’ interpretation and development trends. A global dissection of both the Web and Multitude sides is presented here below as a first understanding of the main variables of Darwin ontology.

The K-K’ Darwin Model
    Darwin Ontology imagine the Web continuously interacting with People modeling this match as performed between two knowledge realms: the K-side where in some extent the “Established Knowledge” is represented and the K’–side where people as Internet users intent to know and learn as much as possible from K-side and at the same time trying to induce changes. As we have seen along these posts the interface that separates these two realms could at its turn be imagined like an intelligent “e-.membrane” enabling traffic of “information” and “intelligence” in both ways, from K to K’ and vice versa. Let’s postpone the discussion about what intelligence the second “fluid” would be. By now please accept that it is a very structured form of information.
     These two realms are so vast that we could imagine them like immense oceans populated not by “free” sea beings but by proprietary “semantic objects”.  Semantic objects in K-side are basically “data” and “documents” that belong to persons meanwhile those in K’-side, are basically messages under the form of questions, answers, opinions, warnings that also belong to persons, and in both cases either physical or juridical persons.
    Data and documents in K-side are supposed to “document” the truth or the best approximations and interpretations of it. Among “interpretations” we may find all forms of deceive stratagems and “snake oil” agents: liars, swindlers, and charlatans. However as the best truth predominates this K-side should be considered a good enough sample of the “Established Knowledge”.  Something equivalent could be said happens in the K’-side that could become a good enough sample of the “People’s Knowledge”.

K and K’ sides global dissection
    As in any Ocean there exist inner currents and “seas” with proper lives. You as a user may communicate freely with Websites that belong to K-side and at the same time email to any other user virtually within K’-side, and also being member of a virtual users’ community -in absence of any malicious intervention of email servers- We will inspect later these circuits that make both sides evolve by themselves.